Shannon Lowell Frady: A Serial Visualist with a Global Reputation for Excellence

It's not that I picked up up a camera for the first time when I was 8.

It's the fact that I've been using cameras ever since.

Some highlights:

• Key contributor in corporate communications, advertising and PR across multiple media, from Intranet manager for J.P. Morgan in New York to photo library development for Malaysia Airlines to video content and social media management for multiple clients

• Graduated Magna Cum Laude at Walter Cronkite School for Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University

• Over 10 years experience in commercial print photography production and design for clients including IBM, Shell Oil, Olay, Microsoft, Coca Cola, and many others

• In-depth understanding of balancing tailored client needs with budget-dictated capability

• Excels in dynamic environments which require innovative thinking and flexibility

Feel free to have a look at some of my other projects below (loading times may vary).


PURE: A Photo-annotated Screenplay

Fighting Fake: The Commerce Cartels

Faction (an experimental interactive reality entertainment project)